Plantings installed by Mid-Tenn Landscaping: We agree to replace once only any nursery stock which fails to survive the first growing season at no cost, or issue a merchandise credit for full value of stock. No warranty on self-planted stock. In case of declared disaster, all warranties are void. Warranty does not include labor.

This guarantee is valid only: If payment is made as agreed upon and purchaser has given proper care to the nursery stock and that Mid-Tenn Landscaping is notified that such nursery stock has failed to survive the first growing season. Replacement will be made only when original material to be replaced has been paid in full.

This guarantee does not include annuals, bulbs, perennials, or costumer’s plants which have been transplanted.

New lawn construction: Re-seeding of any bare area will be done once only on seeded lawn construction. No further guarantee is expressed or implied on seed or sod lawn construction as results are dependent on watering and mowing maintenance. An act of God such as washout from cloudburst will be repaired at cost.

This is an estimate based on the scope of work as it was laid out by the customer and Mid-Tenn. Because of issues beyond our control (ie. bad soil, rock, change of plan) this is an estimate not a bid. The billing will be based on the actual time and materials used for the project. If requested we can give an interim update on cost.

We will, upon proper proof, replace any trees, etc., that may prove untrue to name, or refund the amount paid.

We shall in no case be liable for any sum greater than the amount originally paid for such nursery stock.

We are not responsible for the cost of replacements due to vandalism, theft, other subcontractors, acts of God, or reason beyond our control.

We are not responsible for any damage caused to driveways or sidewalks by our equipment.

We are not responsible for any underground utilities, such as wires, pipes, etc., but not exclusively these.

Price based upon final grade being within 1/10th “‘ of a foot.





(A) A service charge of 1½% per month, 18% per annum will be charged on any and all unpaid amounts due starting (30) days after the date of the original invoice for work listed herein. V


(B) It is agreed that the products, services, or other described herein shall remain the property of Mid-Tenn Landscaping until all charges, included service charges, collection costs and attorney fees, as listed on contract, are paid in full.


(C) Until final payment is made in full, the product shall not by reason of connection to any realty be deemed a fixture or appurtenance to the realty and shall be severable there from. Mid-Tenn Landscaping may, in addition to any other remedies to effect payment or retain equity, remove product or parts thereof from the premised where installed. The purchaser agrees to surrender possession and to reimburse Mid-Tenn Landscaping for its removal costs.